Bracelet For Men


Bracelets have expanded their outreach through the gender line. Bracelets for men are not only a current trend, but a way of expressing one’s individual style.

A men’s bracelet accentuates an outfit into becoming a distinct part of your look. 

At Maurer Limited, our Oxbow and Gauntlet bracelets are a great compliment to the man that prefers to make a simple yet powerful statement. The materials and shapes add an edge to any outfit that prove you put thought and intention into every action and pay attention to detail alongside your character.

A quick guide on wearing bracelets for men

Bracelets for men come in many different shapes and styles, ranging from the most elegant and upscale broad metal bands to more relaxed looks such as strings, chords, leather cuffs and more.

The one you choose will depend entirely on your look and the type of outfits you wear on a regular basis. If you’re more of a suit and tie type of guy, a metallic, upscale looking bracelet will compliment your look with elegance. If you’re more into casual wear, materials such as leather, beads or rope provide a more organic look.

Certain tips for men who want to wear bracelets with style and confidence include:

  • Think of your bracelet as a wrist watch. You want it to stay against the skin and under sleeves that are long enough to cover them.
  • If you’re wearing thin cord bracelets, stacking them up on the same wrist is a nice look, but this idea does not apply to thick metal bracelets. Those should be worn separately.
  • If you wear a wrist watch, opt for thinner bracelets instead of thick metal ones, avoiding mixing more than one big metal band on the same wrist.
  • One bare wrist will always look better than having both occupied. Furthermore, matching bracelets on each wrist is a look you want to avoid, unless you’re going for a bondage cuff style of sorts.

When choosing a bracelet for yourself, look for pieces that compliment your personal style and feel like natural additions to your wardrobe.

Any piece can be the perfect fit for you as long as you feel confident wearing it.

Browse through our catalogue today and look for your perfect match.