Jewelry For Men


Jewelry for men has historically always been present. Egyptian pharaohs, ancient tribal warriors, roman soldiers and renaissance kings all proudly wore men’s jewelry as symbols of status and elements to differentiate themselves from the common crowd.  

Today, jewelry for men continues to be a unique way to present yourself and stand out by wearing pieces that tell a story.

Maurer Limited honors this tradition by creating unique meaningful pieces with carefully crafted attention to detail, elaborated with ethically sourced materials and craftsmanship.

The Oxbow Bracelet, for instance, serves as a reminder of life’s turns and changes, while the Relic and Tusk necklaces honor the way in which ancient warriors wore the horn of the beast around their neck as protection against enemies and to respect the power of the animals that provided them.

When finding and choosing jewelry for men, thought and intention are necessary. You want the pieces you’ve chosen to tell a story about yourself while adjusting to the reality of the world that surrounds you.

A simple guide to jewelry for men

When looking to differentiate yourself from the crowd, jewelry for men brings something distinctive to any plain outfit. Here are a few rules for wearing jewelry for men without overshadowing your overall look.

  • Simplicity is key:

You want your jewelry to compliment your style and not make it seem like you’re trying hard to be someone other than yourself. A metallic wrist watch, a leather bracelet with metallic details such as our  Oxbow model, or a subtle accent such as a pair of cufflinks or a couple of copper rings, can all be good ways to start diving into jewelry for men.

  • Watch your metals:

Most jewelry for men is metallic with stainless steel, using silver and gold as the most common materials.

Try sticking to just one metal tone at a time and keep in mind how it matches with the rest of your look. Gold tones go better with earth tones like brown and deep hues such as royal blue. Silver toned metals, like polished stainless steel, are neutral and match almost anything. Copper and bronze should be worn with a little more restraint and are a better addition to more casual outfits.

  • Avoid ostentatious styles:

Unless you’re a rapper or a rock star, you may want to stay away from really flashy, chunky pieces of jewelry for men. These may look great on your idols, but there’s a reason why you only see a very selective crowd wearing them.

  • Keep in mind dress codes:

While some pieces of jewelry for men can look great when you’re out on the town, they may not be as appropriate for a conservative office space. Pieces that are too flashy or too casual won’t fit every occasion, so be sure to consider dress codes and keep them in mind when picking your jewelry.

Whichever type of jewelry for men you choose, remember it is meant to compliment your look while adding a certain character. You want your jewelry to tell a story without being too overwhelming.

Most importantly, it’s all about how confident you wear your piece.