Male Jewelry

Male jewelry is more than just a trend. Historically, men have used it as a means to express themselves, to make a statement, and show the world their uniqueness.

Egyptian pharaohs, ancient tribal warriors, roman soldiers, renaissance kings and even rock stars, have worn jewelry as a symbol of greatness and an element to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Today, male jewelry continues to work in this same way, offering the wearer a chance to tell a story through their personal presentation.

At Maurer Limited, our focus is in honoring this tradition through our attention to detail, craftsmanship and exclusive designs to create unique pieces filled with meaning. Our Relic and Tusk necklaces are pieces that reminisce the style of ancient warriors who wore the horn of the beast around their neck to let enemies know they were protected by its power and strength.

When finding and wearing male jewelry, it’s important to choose wisely by paying attention to subtle keys regarding context and, of course, your own personal style.  

A guide to wearing male jewelry

Male jewelry adds a distinctive detail to any plain outfit by serving as a way to stand out and tell a unique story. When choosing and wearing the right pieces, there are a few sartorial rules to follow in order to make sure your jewelry acts as a compliment and not an overshadower.

  • Simplicity is key:

A metallic wrist watch, an understated bracelet like our Oxbow model, or classic accessories such as cufflinks can be a good options to start diving into men’s jewelry.

You want male jewelry to fall in perfect alignment with your outfit without making it seem like you’re trying hard for it to work for you, so simple touches and classic materials such as leather, silver, gold or stainless steel can be a great starting options.

  • Watch your metals:

Most men’s fashion jewelry is metallic, with stainless steel, silver and gold being the most common materials.

Try sticking to just one metal tone at a time and keep in mind how to match it with the rest of your look. Gold accents go great with browns and earth tones as well as deep hues such as royal blue. Silver tones of stainless steel can work as neutral pieces and match almost anything. Copper and bronze can be additions to more casual outfits, since they won’t necessarily match everything you wear.

  • Avoid ostentatious styles:

Sure, rappers and rock stars can definitely pull off big metallic pieces and flashy accessories, but unless you’re one of them, these type of pieces are best to be avoided.

  • Keep in mind dress codes:

While some styles of male jewelry can look great when you’re out on the town, they may not be as appropriate for corporate settings. Pieces that are too flashy or too casual won’t fit every occasion, so be sure to understand dress codes and keep them in mind when picking your jewelry.

Whichever male jewelry style you decide on, remember that they should work organically with your aesthetic. You want your accessories to look like they’ve been with you forever, making it clear to the world that you’re someone who puts effort into their look.