Men’s Accessories

For those who aren’t afraid to show their character through their personal style, the variety of men’s accessories available today is unlimited. From the simplest of forms, to the most daring, it all depends on how far the wearer is willing to take his look.

Choosing the right men’s accessories is a matter of taking into consideration both the wearer’s personal style and the current fashion trends. However, the key to figuring it all out comes down to finding a piece that reflects who you are, one that appears it’s been part of your look forever.

By being confident in yourself, you can be certain that any of the men’s accessories you choose will be the right fit.  

Breaking down men’s accessories

There are certain guidelines you want to follow when choosing the pieces that will accessorize your look. We’ll break down some of the main men’s accessories and how to properly pull them off.

The watch:

A watch is probably the most common of men’s accessories, one that when worn right can completely elevate any look.

When choosing the right one, the first thing to keep in mind is the fit. You want something adjusted to your wrist and doesn't hang down your arm or look way too tight.

Once that part’s settled, you want to find a watch that fits your lifestyle. Materials such as leather, metal or stainless steel can be worn daily, while you should leave the flashier gold or silver tones and more elegant shapes for special occasions.

The bracelet:

This piece of jewelry is something to complement your outfit without overpowering it. You want to choose simple pieces, yet stylish enough to make a statement, like Maurer Ltd’s Oxbow bracelet with its leather and metal detailing making it classy enough to fit almost any look.

The Necklace:

While you can never go wrong with something classic and basic like a thin metal or leather chain, the pendant you choose can be the perfect way to leave your mark. A style such as Maurer Limited’s Tusk and Relic Necklaces, can be worn to symbolize a connection to your most tribal self by adding a certain flair to your look that won’t go unnoticed but will be simple enough to not be too much.

The Rings:

While wedding bands are common amongst men’s accessories, rings don’t have to be limited to just that.

If you’re in a corporate environment, a single-band ring in  sterling silver or gold can be a good look by adding minimal glitz to your outfit. For more casual settings, you could go for a stacked style by combining three or more rings on one finger or spread throughout your hand.

The Hat:

Hats add flavor and practicality to an outfit. When worn for fashion purposes, they can complete a head-to-toe look. Casual hats bring a playful vibe to sportcoats and topcoats, whereas wide-brimmed hats are best to be saved for special occasions.

Whichever style you choose, find one that fits you and completes your look.

The key to wearing men’s accessories is to do so with the confidence of someone who knows these type of pieces are meant to solely compliment their personal style without being ostentatious.

You want to make a statement, so be sure to keep in mind that less is always more.

Browse through our catalogue of men’s accessories and find the right ones to fit your look.