Men’s Bag

We’re experiencing a time in which men are enjoying more sartorial choices than ever before. Long gone are the days in which men’s bags were limited to boring backpacks, briefcases or heavily stuffed wallets. Since great accessories know no gender, they’re now more of an essential piece than a simple fashion trend.

Bags for men are not only practical, but the perfect compliment to any outfit. Their versatility and utility are the perfect compliment to the stylish man’s outfit.

With such a wide variety of men’s bags to choose from it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’ve just found yourself diving into this accessory for the first time. That’s why we offer you a few tips on choosing the right bag to fit you and your lifestyle.

How to choose the right men’s bag

The first thing to consider when diving into new fashion territory is to stick to what you know. By going for something that matches your favorite colors and patterns, you can be comfortable in knowing you’re staying true to your personal style while experimenting with men’s bags.

Picking the right men’s bag simply comes down to something that compliments the wearer’s look while facilitating his life. Muted hues such as navy, black, charcoal or brown will make it much easier to match your everyday outfits.

Keep in mind how you go about your daily life. You want your newly found men’s bag to be a useful accessory, so if you’re constantly going from one place to another, carrying everything from your laptop to your gym clothes, then a messenger bag or fashionable backpack will work much better than a briefcase or tote bag would.

Ask yourself what use you’ll be giving your newly acquired bag. For example, consider if you’ll be taking it to the classroom or your tennis lessons, on a weekend trip, or if you plan to carry stuff around in it for a long period of time.

Overall, the idea is to not only look good, but to do so while taking advantage of your bag’s functionality. You can never go wrong by choosing something that matches your lifestyle.

Get to Know the Nomad Series

Choosing the right men’s bag for your lifestyle is an important aspect to take into consideration.

If you see yourself as someone always looking out for the next adventure, a person who isn’t afraid of being impulsive and spontaneous, then Maurer Limited’s Nomad series is a modern luxury string bag designed to accompany you throughout your active day. 

Available in our signature oxblood color and in black, the Nomad’s fine Italian leather construction holds inside a cotton canvas lining, plenty of pockets, a rear side handle and adjustable straps.

Combining timeless style with comfort and utility, this men’s bag is made to fit the modern wanderer, someone whose active lifestyle requires the right accessory to accompany him in his adventures.

Browse our catalogue today and discover the right type of men’s bag to fit your day to day.