Men's Fashion Jewelry

Men’s fashion jewelry has always been in style. Throughout our modern world, men’s fashion jewelry has been the stylish man’s way of differentiating himself from others. For example, renaissance kings and Egyptian pharaohs would cover themselves in gold and precious stones to show their powerfulness. 

The real treasures of men’s fashion jewelry are the ones that emanate an impression that you’ve travelled far and long to find it, or that it has been passed down through generations. The pieces with stories attached to them are the ones that stand out the most, which is why you want to put some thought into your new stack of bracelets or the necklace that will be complimenting your character.

A few rules for wearing men’s fashion jewelry

Men’s fashion jewelry continues to be a unique way to differentiate oneself by adding a distinctive item to any plain outfit. Here are a few rules for wearing it without making it seem like you’re trying too hard and failing.

  • Simplicity is key:

When in doubt, keep it simple. A classic leather-strapped watch, a simple bracelet like our Oxbow model, or tie accessories and cufflinks can be great ways to start diving into men’s fashion jewelry.

You want your jewelry to compliment your style without overshadowing it, and can do so with simple touches and classic materials such as leather, silver, gold or stainless steel. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable wearing your jewelry.

  • Watch your metals:

Most men’s fashion jewelry is metallic, with silver and gold being among the most common.

Try sticking to just one metal tone at a time and keep in mind when matching that gold tones go better with browns or earthy tones and deep hues like royal blue. Silver tone metals like polished stainless steel are neutral and go well with almost anything. Copper and bronze should be worn with a little more restraint since these go better with more casual outfits.  

  • Avoid ostentatious styles:

Rappers and rock stars may pull it off, but big metallic pieces and flashy accessories may not always look as good on you as they do on them.

  • Keep in mind dress codes:

Save big statement pieces for your big occasions and choose simple pieces for your daily life. Also, be aware that while some men’s fashion jewelry can look great when you’re out on the town, they may not be as appropriate for corporate settings.

Men’s fashion jewelry is about making a statement and telling the world your story, who you are and how you go about life.

Accessories are meant to compliment your look and bring it to the next level by adding character, making it clear that you’re someone who is thoughtful enough to take the time to think about their outfit.

Browse through our catalogue of ethically sourced, unique men’s fashion jewelry and find the story you want to tell today.