Men's Leather Bags

Men’s leather bags are a great way to accessorize any style and today, men can enjoy many more sartorial choices.   

The choices for men to transport their belongings is typically narrowed down to not much more than a briefcase, backpack, or a heavily stuffed wallet. However, men’s leather bags have gained more presence in everyday fashion due to their comfort and style.

Made of a variety of materials in a wide range of styles, bags for men are a great addition to anyone’s personal wardrobe.

Choosing a men’s leather bag means directly choosing quality. A piece with the proper care, can last a long time and be a part of your wardrobe forever. Its durability, timelessness, strength and flexibility make leather a desirable material for a bag of whichever style.

At Maurer Limited, we work with only the highest quality materials, take craftsmanship into deep consideration, and proudly offer our buyers pieces that will stay with them forever.

How to wear men’s leather bags

First rule of style is to stick with what makes you feel comfortable, which applies to men’s leather bags as well. When picking a bag for yourself, it should compliment your outfits while facilitating your life. The right choice is to pick something along the lines of your favorite colors or patterns.

When in doubt, muted hues such as navy, black, charcoal, or brown will match anything you wear and will make it much easier to dress.  

The purpose of your men’s leather bag should be a useful accessory, so if you’re always on your phone or drinking coffee on the go you may not want to wear anything that is handheld, but rather a messenger bag or backpack would be more suited.

You’ll need to consider the use of your bag and ask yourself if you’ll be taking it to the office or the gym, on a weekend trip, or if you’ll be lugging stuff around in it for a long period of time because a tote bag won’t have the same utility as a backpack, while a folio won’t fit the same context as a messenger bag will.

Overall, the idea behind men’s leather bags is not only to look good, but to be functional. You can never go wrong by choosing something that matches your lifestyle.

Get to Know the Nomad Series

If you’re searching for a men’s leather bag designed for daily adventure, then you need to explore the Nomad series.

The Nomad is a modern luxury string bag made to accompany you on your daily adventures of all kinds. Whether you’re going from the office to the gym or from the park to a weekend getaway, the Nomad is the perfect travelling companion.

Available in our signature oxblood color and in black, the Nomad is made with fine Italian leather, holds a cotton canvas lining, has side pockets, a rear side handle with a zippered pocket, plenty of internal pockets, and adjustable straps.

The Nomad is the perfect combination of timeless style, comfort, and utility. The Nomad is the bag for the modern wanderer, a man who isn’t afraid of taking on life’s adventures and is ready to go at all times.

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