The Return of Men's Necklaces

Although out of style in western culture for a while, mens necklaces and jewelry are nothing new. Tutankhamun and ancient pharaohs wore them. They hung over the robes of Roman senators and on the chests of tribal warriors. And even though they were rarely seen in western male style during in the past 200 years, over the centuries and all throughout different cultures men have worn amulets, pendants, chains and medallions around their necks. Needless to say, it was about time men’s necklaces made a comeback.

It started with the hippies and their beads and followed with rappers and their “bling,” but now, more men are adhering to the trend and adding a necklace, or two, or three, to their look.


Men’s Necklaces & Masculinity

Just like times change, the definition of masculinity has evolved as well. Men today want to express their personality through their personal style, and jewelry is a perfect way to do so.

So you’ve never worn a men’s necklace before? The best way to start is by wearing something that truly feels like it’s yours and has been with you forever. It doesn’t have to be a statement piece right away; it can be as simple as a loose chain. All that matters is that it fits you and your personal style.

Most men’s necklaces are metallic. If you’re shopping around, it’s a great idea to play around with metals, matching them or finding a pair of pieces that contrast each other. Leather, wood and bone are also interesting styles to mix and match.

Looking for the Symbolism in Men’s Necklaces

Another way of shopping for men’s necklaces is to look for symbolism. After all, jewelry has meaning. Something like a horn necklace can symbolize strength and power as well as a connection to your most tribal self, while a cross or religious symbol represents your faith and beliefs. 

Remember, you don’t want your jewelry to wear you, you want to wear it, so a men’s necklace can be a great opportunity to tap into your personal style and play around with what looks good. Confidence, not style, is what matters the most.


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