Necklace For Men

Great accessories know no gender and necklaces have long ago stopped being something only reserved for women. Today, necklaces for men are a regular sartorial choice that’re available to everyone.

Men’s jewelry is meant to compliment, not overwhelm, which is why necklaces for men have a more rugged style and contain classic materials such as stainless steel, silver, gold, leather or rope.

When choosing a necklace for yourself, you can never go wrong with something that looks natural, as if it’s been a part of your look for years. The right necklace for men matches the wearer’s everyday look, showing they care enough to make a personal statement with every outfit they choose.

Pick your style

When choosing the right necklace for men, wearers should choose something that naturally matches their look and feels as if it was made especially for them.

An oxidised sterling silver chain can bring a timeless vibe, while a yellow gold chain creates contrast when worn against black tones. These are timeless classics no one can go wrong with.

However, if the chosen style is meant to be more dressed-down, then materials such as waxed cord look especially well with a casual summer look, while a beaded necklace can work great in combination with other chains.

While you can always just stick to a simple chain, adding a pendant to it brings an extra layer of character and personality.

A slim metal chain with delicately sized links, such as our Relic necklace, serves as a statement of its own. This tribal inspired piece talks about the wearer’s connection to their personal power, being the perfect addition to a man who is both sleek and modern.

The Tusk Necklace features braided leather with a stainless steel horn pendant inspired by the strength and tenacity of the Mammoth, to combine the feeling of an ancient amulet with the sleekness of modern steel. This is a piece made for the modern hunter.

Whichever style of necklace for men you select, it should be one that adjusts to your overall look and personality, and a piece that tells the world a story about yourself.

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