Our Story

National award winning fine jewelry designer Jill Maurer discovered a few things while creating innovative unisex pieces from fine metals and precious gems. One was that the loyal clientele she attracted is largely male.  Her fine jewelry pieces are twice as likely to be worn by a man as they are by a woman. 

"Men are just as interested in wearing unique and creative pieces that enhance their personal style.  They just haven’t been offered a robust range of options."

It was a comment from an admirer of her designs that sparked her to create Maurer Limited.  He told her that he loved her pieces and that when he could afford to he would buy one. 

I thought, “This isn’t who I am.  This isn’t what I stand for.”  My goal has always been to create pieces for anyone who feels a connection with them.  I knew that I needed to explore working in more accessible materials. 

Jill also knew that she wanted to dive further into designing unapologetically masculine pieces.  Experimenting with leather and steel while continuing her commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and ethical sourcing Maurer Limited was born.