Street Fashion Accessories

Street fashion accessories and clothing have been a main fashion trend. Inspired by surfers, skaters and the hip-hop urban crowd, this particular style has taken over the fashion world and has brought with it the magic of contrast and mix matching.

As more of a subcultural affair, street fashion accessories take their cues from everything that’s anti establishment, stepping away from classic tailoring, and diving straight into a more athletic, punk and thrift-shop inspired sort of look.

If you’ve been looking to incorporate street fashion accessories into your wardrobe we offer a quick guide on how to start.

What is street fashion, exactly?

Street fashion is a style inspired by streetwear, a concept that carries an urban feel at its heart. Taking tips from surf and skate culture, the street fashion aesthetic brings with itself a purposefully youthful, disheveled feel.

Traditional streetwear involves lots of loose and baggy clothes such as oversized hoodies and graphic tees, so when accompanied by street fashion accessories such as baseball caps, sneakers, and necklaces or bracelets, it’s important they’re made of sturdy materials such as rope, leather, or beads.

How to wear street fashion accessories and clothing

Traditional street wear revolves around loose fitting clothes and a more sporty sort of look, so incorporating these sort of elements into your outfit can be an easy way to start diving into the style.

In order to keep things smart, you want to play around with contrasts in both clothing and jewelry. Choosing only one piece to be oversized whilst keeping everything else close-fitting, like pairing tailored pants with a slightly looser jacket or shirt is important.  

The same applies for street fashion accessories, like choosing items such as a leather string necklace paired with a stainless steel pendant such as Maurer Limited’s Tusk Necklace.

Experiment with different proportions and looks until you find something that best suits your personal style and body type. Always keep in mind that streetwear comes from the freedom of expressing oneself and your individuality, therefore use it as a means of picking and flaunting the pieces you love.

Street fashion gives you the freedom to layer and combine different pieces, both in clothing and in street fashion accessories.

By stepping away from traditional fashion rules and playing around with textures, colors and materials, you’ll be sure to find something that adjusts especially to you.

Browse through our catalogue today and choose from our various street fashion accessories so you can find the pieces that will make you stay on trend while accentuating your individuality.