Tribal Jewelry

Tribal jewelry has been a part of ancient cultures since the beginning of times. Historically, tribal jewelry has been used to symbolize status, display wealth and power, identify affiliation to a certain group or religion, ward off evil spirits, or honor the gods.

Even though the historical concept has changed, wearers today still use tribal jewelry to symbolize a connection with honoring the past.

Tribal Jewelry and their significance

For many tribes, it was custom to bury the dead wearing their personal jewelry as a way to signify wealth and prosperity.Tribal jewelry has always had significance beyond aesthetics. For ancient cultures, elements of nature were an important part of everyday life, something to worship, honor and respect and this is seen throughout their design.

Talismans, charms and amulets were commonly worn to ward off evil spirits, making it a common ancient symbol that has evolved and incorporated into modern jewelry design.

In the past, the most common elements found throughout tribal jewelry styles were geometric shapes and patterns, depictions of gods and deities, animals and abstract designs.

If you’ve paid close attention, you can see that some of the major traits of tribal necklaces and jewelry are the boldness and bulkiness of their designs. In today’s fashion, tribal jewelry intends to mimic the same roughness of these more traditional styles.

Materials used to create these pieces in the past were bones, seeds, stones or even hair. But today’s modern adaptations use stainless steel, silver, gold and other metals, or leather and precious stones, while still maintaining a deep connection to the legacy of our ancestors.

The style of our ancestors brought to our modern lives

Centuries ago, hunters would wear amulets around their neck to symbolize their strength and stealth. Today’s Modern Hunter goes for a sleek, modern design that adjusts better to the urban jungle while still presenting himself and his unique style unashamedly.

Our Relic and Tusk necklaces are made from timeless materials such as sterling silver and leather, and are inspired by fierce animals such as the Mammoth, in order to honor their power.

If you consider yourself a Modern Hunter, someone who goes through life searching for adventure and meaning, then browse our selection of exclusively designed tribal jewelry pieces to find the one that matches your unique style.