Tribal Necklaces Were Never Out Of Style

Tribal necklaces have never really been out of style, they just were just off the radar for a while. Truth is tribal jewelry has been worn by our ancestors since the beginning of time, and necklaces may have been one of the first types of adornment worn by humans.

Ancient cultures wore them to show their allegiance between members of a certain tribe or religion. They’ve been used as amulets and protection; to demonstrate social hierarchy, wealth or power; and for other purposes, showing a rich history filled with meaning more than aesthetics.


A Modern Twist on Symbolism 

Prehistoric cultures used bones, feathers, hair and other natural elements to make their tribal necklaces. Other ancient civilizations used rich materials such as gold, silver and semi precious stones. Today, tribal necklaces are given a modern twist with the use of leather and stainless steel, like our Tusk necklace or all stainless steel like our Relic necklace.

The Relic and Tusk both take the figure of the horn. In many cultures, the horn is a symbol of strength and power, an instrument of protection and connection to the animal forces within us. The horn adds a modern look to the necklace, transforming it into a timeless piece that can be brought to today’s everyday life while honoring the past.


A Necklace for the Modern Hunter

The Modern Hunter proudly wears the Relic or the Tusk, both modern twists on the ancient tribal necklace around the neck as a symbol of protection and strength, as well as an homage to those who came before them.


Go through our online shop, and decide: Are you a leather person or an all metal one? Is your color gold or silver? Does matte or shiny speak to you? Look at the different takes on the Relic and the Tusk and find the right style that fits you.